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This is the homepage of Seiji TAKEDA, philosopher and literary critic
Created to convey his ideas to whoeverfs interested in philosophy and thought.

We hope this is a door to gthe art of thinking wellh that can be opened anytime, anywhere, by anyone who feels need for philosophy or thought. 

Major themes are philosophy, especially phenomenology.

They are not just disciplines of academic studies, but an art of thoroughly savoring the richness of life.

We are making efforts to make our English pages more comprehensive and up-to-date, so please come by and check them out occasionally.


English Contents

The Hyper-Paraphrase of gThe Idea of Phenomenologyh

Closing Essey JPhenomenologcal Reduction and the Condition For Belief Formation"

The Hyper-Paraphrase of gThe Phenomenology@of Spirit h

gThe Root of Phenomenological Reduction: In Search of a Perfect Applicative Paraphrase of The Idea of Phenomenologyh
2017 IHSRC Poland, Presentation PPT

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